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Date package in Barcelona

I'm beyond thrilled to share a little date package I have planned! Date packages are great for the ones who might have a hard time coming up with ideas or who just needs a little help with the planning, well I got ya.

Rooftop cinema & spend the night with me...

It's evening, the sun has gone down but the warmth is still whirling in the air. We're overlooking Barcelona admiring the city, the great architecture & buildings and its captivating aura. We then lay down to watch a movie while enjoying each other's company with some cocktails and popcorn. The movie is over and we stay an extra few minutes to enjoy the view until we rush down to the hotel room where we enjoy each other instead...

I took these photos myself last summer when I was there with a friend! I therefore know what a unique experience it is, so trust my word when I say it's a magical...

What movie will we be watching? Casino Royal! I thought what man doesn't like to watch a James Bond movie? I'm embarrassed to say I haven't watch a single Bond movie so I'm excited to share it with someone!

Where will we stay the night? This rooftop cinema is located at hotel El Palace in Barcelona where I have also booked and paid for a room.

When? The 23rd of July so hurry up and get in touch with me!

For how long will we be with each other? I have two alternatives for this date package, read below:

Alternative 1 - With dinner / 16-18 hours / 3100 euros

Hotel room booked & paid by me

Let's meet around 4-6 pm and get acquainted before we head out to dinner. We could either stay and eat the hotels outdoor restaurant (that is also a rooftop) or try a different restaurant if you feel like exploring the city more. The movie starts at 9:30. And we'll spend the night together till 10:00 in the morning.

Alternative 2 - Without dinner / 14 hours / 2800 euros

Hotel room booked and paid by me

Let's meet around 8 pm to spend some time before we head up to the rooftop to enjoy the movie and each other's company. The movie starts at 9:30 and we'll spend the night together till 10:00 in the morning.

A glimpse of the hotel room I have booked...

If you want to make this cozy and romantic date idea come true then please email me or fill out the contact form on page ¨Book a date¨ As alway screening and deposit is required! Email address is:

See you soon!



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