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London & Wien in august

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

I'm coming back to London again! It will be my third London tour this year in just a few months, that shall tell how much I love the city and the gents in it! And I'm also excited to share I will be going to Wien, Austria in August as well, my very first time there!

14th-17th of August

only available evening on the 14th

24th-27th of August
not available on the 25th

I have incall availability for both cities! Screening and deposit are necessary and as always I prioritise longer dates such as 4+ hours. My favourite type of dates are the 4 hour lunch date, 6 hours dinner date with an evening activity and of course an overnight stay giving us that extra time and intimacy to get to know each other. I love to spoon, just putting it out there...

Reach out via email or fill out my cute little form to plan a date with me!

In need of some date ideas before asking me out?

I do love a good spa, or even better a spa suite like in the photo below. Other activities I enjoy are...

| Having nice conversations over a delicious lunch or dinner

| Visit a museum or art gallery

| Watch a sports game (of any kind!!) I actually love to watch sports and can enjoy pretty much anything thrown at me wherever it is tennis, Formula 1, soccer or basketball

| Go see a broadway show, a musical or theatre (this is especially something I would love to do in London!)

| Staying in and watching TV as we are cuddling in bed..

| Go shopping together, nothing makes me as horny as taking me out for a little treat, just saying!


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