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My FMTY trip to Costa Rica

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Having never even been to Central America before you can only imagine my excitement when a special gent asked me to join him to Costa Rica. Spending five days in a tropical setting with a new friend was to say the least an outstanding experience, there was never a dull moment. I'm happy to say I have gained a close friend who during our trip took me out for new and amazing experiences. He suggested activities that are normally out of my comfort zone but made it very enjoyable making me feel at home the entire time. He taught me how to surf! Or I should say, (tried) to teach me surfing.

After spending time in such a incredible environment getting to know this lovely man even better I am now filled with inspiration. My brain is sparkling with ideas and plans for the future. This usually happens after I visit a new place, it's refreshing and adds to my creativity. I completely fell in love with this place, and for private reasons I won't write where exactly I was, but I do see myself possibly living here in the future. Certain surroundings and cultures let's you discover new parts of yourself and may also bring out the best in you or the version of yourself you want to be. I would love to spend my days walking around with the sun and rain on my skin, waking up to do yoga in a paradise environment hearing the monkeys howl and go surfing in the afternoon. I would love to feel this inner peace I felt in Costa Rica everyday of my life, to be completely disconnected to things that don't really matter and that shouldn't take up any of my energy. I'm already fantasising of owning a house right on the beach with a terrace overlooking the ocean where I can do yoga and have my breakfast.

I normally don't drink alcohol for fitness reasons but sometimes I feel like having a drink to dinner when I'm in the right mode. And of course Costa Rica brought out the vacation mode in me resulted in some drinks, Espresso Martinis and Spicy Margaritas almost every day...

Look at this breakfast view!

Obsessed with tuna tartare...

Risotto with shrimps!

Going out to the local restaurants is an important and fun part when visiting and exploring a new place. Here we're eating chicken and fish tacos with healthy smoothies on the side. Don't think I only go out to eat at fancy restaurants! This is just as enjoyable as some Michelin restaurant. We also had some Italian cuisine where we had the most amazing meatballs and on our last night we went to an Argentinian place, sad to say I didn't take any photos of it.

At first I got a little scared when my date told me he was going to take me surfing! Even though I'm somewhat of an athletic person it's something I've never done before. But all of a sudden I'm standing there in a surf shop renting a board and with a surf shirt in my hand. In the beginning it was difficult because I constantly fell off the surfboard, but I didn't give up and eventually I managed to hit some waves. Having an experienced surfer (who's also very hot) obviously helped a lot! I learned keeping your chest, head and nose up when paddling before hopping up the board is the key to successfully surf. Three times I actually hit some good waves which was to say the least an amazing and fun feeling. The plan was to continue surfing the following morning but my nose was just not feeling it as I woke up with a cold. I need someone to take me on a trip where I can surf again because this can potentially become a new hobby of mine! I didn't take any photos of me surfing, the only proof I got is this selfie I took afterwards in my not so sexy surfing shirt...

Since my nose couldn't handle surfing the next day a yoga session was a better idea for me. I have done yoga on and off for quite a few years but never in a tropical setting like this in such a dreamy environment! The yoga instructor was a lovely Spanish woman who was to say the least, amazing. We did what I call a ''light'' yoga focusing on stretching and meditation. She gave mantras and words of wisdom giving me new and fresh perspectives. I'm usually a person with lots of high energy but after yoga I feel so at peace, I even talk and move slower and I can feel how all bad and negative thoughts in my head are suddenly not there anymore. I liked her so much I will start taking some of her online classes now when I'm back to Barcelona.

You always save the best for last, right? With that being said, here you get to enjoy my selfies and nudes, you're welcome!

So refreshing to walk around with no makeup with the hot rain pouring down on me...

See you soon!



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