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Note: The following rates are not fixed and may vary depending on state of affairs and budget. These are minimum charges and US rates may be applied to US clients in Europe/UK. Please contact me for more information.

  • What is your sexuality?
    I'm bisexual and see both men, women and trans people! I also meet with couples.
  • What is your ideal lover?
    My type is someone who treats me with lots of respect and kindness. Things such as ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs or appearance does not matter to me! I welcome everyone with good intentions. I cater to couples as well!
  • Where are you from?
    My nationality is Swedish, I was born and raised in Sweden but have been living in Barcelona for the few years!
  • When & where can I see you?
    I'm based in Barcelona, Spain & available worldwide by request except for North America. You can organise a Fly Me To You date where I come to your city or you can travel to Barcelona to meet me! I also travel around Europe and Asia where you can meet me, and I especially go to London quite often. Plan ahead for biggest chance of meeting me! Organisation is sexy and so are you if you book me in time;) For FMTY I prefer at least one week in advance.
  • I want to meet you, how do I book a date with you?
    Now how lovely isn't that! You can either send me an email to with your name and date idea (date length, location and when) plus screening or fill out my booking form under ´´Let's meet`` and I will answer you via email within a few days.
  • Do you offer FMTY? (Fly me to you)
    Yes! I love traveling and it would be a pleasure to fly to your country and city. Minimum date length for FMTY is 4 hours and has an additional cost for: - Plane tickets (First or business class) - 400 eur/pound travel supplement (taxi & food) - A 4-5 star Hotel per usual
  • Do you offer outcalls or incalls?
    By standard I only offer outcall to 4-5 star hotels. When I tour I usually always offer incall availability depending on the city and trip. I don't have an incall fee. I always provide incall availability when I'm in London. During FMTY dates and dates taking place in Barcelona, you need to book the hotel for us!
  • It's my first time here, what screening information do you need?
    I need your: Full legal name Telephone number And at least one of the following: Photo of identification (drivers license or passport) A link to your professional Linkedin profile + an email from your work email address A reference from a recent provider for verification
  • Why do you require screening information?
    My biggest priority is my safety. Therefore I need to make sure you're a safe and trusted person to meet. I always delete all personal info you've sent me after reviewing it, I respect your privacy just as much as my own.
  • What payment methods do you prefer?
    - Bank transfer (IBAN number) - Wishtender (10% fee) - Stripe - Gift card from Sephora, El Corte Inglés or Selfridges - Cash (not for deposit) When planning our date we'll discuss what payment method works best for the both of us. Please don't send me a bank transfer without getting the green flag to do so!
  • What’s your deposit & cancellation policy?
    I need a 30% deposit for our date. If you need to cancel I won't be able to refund the deposit, but I can set it aside for a future date that occurs within three months. If you cancel 24 hours or less before the date I will need the full rate to be sent to me. This is for the time I have reserved for us, thank you for understanding.
  • How do you prefer to communicate?
    You can contact me via email & also by filling out my booking form! After a date is booked and secured I trust to give out my telephone number so communication is smooth and easy before our date, but we can also stick to email if preferred. If you're a regular lover you can text me on WhatsApp for contact/to have another date with me. Don't be shy!


Down below are my listed payment methods

Bank transfer - IBAN number

Gift card


When booking a date we will discuss what payment method will be used, regarding both the 30% deposit and the remaining amount. With a bank transfer I kindly ask not to mention our arrangement or my name in it since discretion is my highest priority. 

Even for regular friends method of payment has to be discussed and decided together, sending a bank transfer without agreeing to do so is not acceptable . If you want to simply tip or spoil me outside the date consideration, my Luxylist is the perfect place for this. Link to my Luxylist Wishlist can be found on my Gift page.


Daphne Devoré 

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